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Gives us a kaleidoscope of emotions. With many colors that join in geometric shapes and succeed to give life true and own light vortices chromium plated to us like the butterflies that they notice themselves in its pictures, wrapping to free the fantasy of the observer. With its “divisionismo naif” the artist transmits an unrestrainable one wants of freedom. Between its triangular or circular geometric figures it is not difficult, in fact, to recover the shape of a dove wing, one shark fin, the top of a tree or the top of one mountain. They are caught a glimpse, or perhaps they are understood only, flocks of flown them typical of the Caribbeanses that furrow tropical skies. The breathtaking chromatic boldness of MARIA VINCENTI sends back, obviously, also to the topic of the game; And' I invite to advance itself inside in a structure to shape of maze of which it is not frightful, but joyful smarrir. The open fan who proposes us the sicialian artist is not other that the peace who it has within its spirit and in its existence represents to you through infinity of wonderful solutions.

Dr. Fabrizio Borghini

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